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Why Bullard Consulting?

There is nothing so natural than a person or team striving to be remarkable beyond compare. 

We work with you to make that happen.


What we do.

  At Bullard Consulting, our passion is to work collaboratively to expedite personal and organizational development. In other words, we build people and we build teams. We accomplish this by the creative design of needs specific experiential training events, effective meeting facilitation and strategic planning events, as well as one-on-one executive and management level coaching.  By utilizing client expertise and by working with subject matter experts (SME) we are capable of collaboration even in highly technical fields like engineering. We are proudly a small company, Dennis Bullard and a varying number of agents with specific talents that can be called upon, but we see that as an advantage as that makes us more responsive and more agile to client needs.


Our Chief Executive

   Since its founding in 2001, Dennis and his agents have designed and facilitated a wide variety of learning events for an impressive list of multinational corporations, competitive teams and governmental clients on 5 continents and in over 30 countries. With a BS in Education and MS in Gifted Education, Dennis prides himself on the design and development of events that are built upon solid foundations of education and learning theory, human and organizational psychology, applied research, and knowledge that comes from working with Subject Matter Experts (SME) in multiple industries. Dennis is particularly adept in the education and training of people that work or compete in high risk endeavors. 

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